Septic Tank Installation

Before we carry out your new septic tank installation our team will carry out a full site assessment taking geology and ground conditions into consideration. Once we have determined the ideal location to install you septic tank we can begin.

Septic Tank Selection

The first step is to select the right model and size of septic tank, based upon the likely wastewater output at your home. We supply the full range of Harlequin water treatment systems so you can rely on us to specify and supply the tank in the same way you will rely on our septic tank installation team to do their job

Septic Tank Installation

Our expert septic tank installers are experienced in installing septic tanks responsibly and with minimal disruption to your property.

Damaged Septic Tank

We can supply and install a new septic tank should your current septic tank get damaged. There is a chance that you may be covered by your buildings insurance policy which will help offset the costs of the new septic tank installation

Septic Tank Servicing

We hope your septic tank installation marks the beginning of a long relationship. We offer service and maintenance agreements which include regular emptying of your septic tank. We will also provide you with advice designed to avoid back-up, blockage and odour issues.

Before you begin to consider whether to purchase a new septic tank you need to be aware of the upcoming change in the law