Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Rainwater harvesting, the process of collecting and using rainwater is nothing new. And by rainwater harvesting we mean the collection, filtration, storage and use of rainwater which falls on your property. When this rainwater is integrated into your existing drainage system, rainwater is easily intercepted and diverted to where it is required. Modern rainwater harvesting systems make this process easy and efficient and there are systems to suit your every need. Professional rainwater harvesting system installation is needed when you have purchased your new system - we can guide you through the whole process.

Rainwater harvesting system installationHarvested rainwater is ideal for flushing toilets, doing the laundry and watering gardens. Rainwater is naturally soft so it is especially beneficial in hard water areas. The water needs to be as clean as possible which is why the design of the rainwater harvesting system is very important. Once you have selected your system then you will need the services of a professional rainwater harvesting system installer.

Harvesting rainwater ourselves can significantly reduce your water bill and help reduce the stress on national reservoirs. Rainwater is naturally soft and chlorine-free so it is ideal for watering plants and lawns and for keeping ponds topped up. It’s also great for washing the car and cleaning your windows. Garden rainwater harvesting systems provide water that is much better for the garden than mains water.

There are two types of systems suitable for installation in your home: Garden and Domestic

Garden Rainwater Harvesting

Garden rainwater systems collect rain which can be stored above or below ground. Below ground systems are more discrete and keep the water colder which helps to maintain quality. Below ground systems are easier to install when a property is being built although it's perfectly possible to retro-fit a below ground rainwater harvesting system. Above ground systems are less expensive to install as there is no digging required however they do take space and some people feel they are unsightly

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Domestic rainwater harvesting systems can save up to 50% of your water consumption . Domestic systems go further than the garden systems because the water can be used inside your house for  toilet flushing, washing clothes in addition to the external uses like garden watering and car washing.

All our systems are reliable easy to use and safe. Unlike many companies which only supply the systems our team of installers

Where Do We Install Rainwater Harvesting Systems?